Find the nearest agricultural cooperative

Looking for the nearest cooperative?

You can find out information about farms operating in the region here:

  1. Altai Republic;
  2. Novgorod region;
  3. The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);
  4. The Republic of Udmurtia;
  5. Chechen Republic.


Also, in the system «TASS-Business» of the SME Business Navigator Portal all data for searching the nearest agricultural cooperatives is available.

1) Go to the «Company search» section, select your region in the menu on the right in the «Territory» line.

2) If you know the name of the cooperative or its other requisites (director's name, address, etc.), enter them in the search box.

3) If you want to find all or several cooperatives in a certain territory, set the search conditions:

  • abbreviations of cooperatives (СПК, СПоК, СППК, СПСК, СПССК, СССПК, ССПК, ПСПК, СССППК, ССППК, ЖСПК, ПССПК, ЖЗСПК, ОСХПК, СХПССК, СХПК, ПСССПК, КОЛХОЗ). You can copy the abbreviations to insert them one at a time in the search line.
  • branch (if you know the code OKVED2 of the branch)

4) Click "Search"

5) The result of the search is presented in the form of brief cards of companies. When you click on a card, detailed information about the company opens.

Find the nearest agricultural cooperative

To use the system you must register on the SME Business Navigator Portal.